Code Monkey Takin’ Off On Tangents

Code Monkey Takin’ Off On Tangents

Code monkey is a pet name my wife has stuck me with.  My life hasn’t always been “This Is So Texas”.  I am a computer programmer and web developer a.k.a. code monkey.  “This Is So Texas” isn’t my job, it’s my passion.  (Wow, that sounds cheesy) The Wake Up This morning I woke up, but … Read more

Rolling Up My Sleeves

Rolling Up My Sleeves

Party-dillo Says “Get To Work” Now that it’s the new year, no more procrastinating.  It’s time to dig in and get to work! Makin’ The Merch Something I’ve been wanting to do is produce my own “This Is So Texas” merchandise.  I’m not a designer and am always short on ideas, but over the past … Read more

Jen’s Jollies Customizes Your Texas Home

Are you tired of decorating your home with the same things as your neighbor?  Want to add some unique Texas decor?  Then get yourself some jollies – Jen’s Jollies that is! Jen’s Jollies has been bringing customized products to the public, since 2016.  Each one is guaranteed to bring you a smile.  Custom welcome mats, … Read more

The Best Texas Gifts Under $20

With Prime Day coming up, I thought it would be nice to bring you our 10 favorite Texas items under $20 each. These all come from our hand-picked list and are all available on amazon.com. Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto Warning Baiting Deer Is Illegal Metal Tin Sign Zeb Mini Longhorn Texas Monthly Magazine Women’s … Read more

Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2018

If you haven’t heard yet, this year Amazon is putting on the longest and best Prime Day yet!  Prime Day officially kicks off on July 16 at 2:00 p.m. Central time and runs through July 17th. >> Get Your Prime Day Guide! << You have to be a Prime member to take advantage of Prime … Read more

La India Packing Company and My Weekly Favorites

Featured Business: La India Packing Company La India has been making their special blend of Mexican spices, seasonings, and herbs since 1924.  What started out selling piruli, a Mexican candy and sundries from a small grocery store, located in a little house in Laredo, evolved into one of the most widely known spice companies in Texas. Today, they … Read more