Code Monkey Takin’ Off On Tangents

Code monkey is a pet name my wife has stuck me with.  My life hasn’t always been “This Is So Texas”.  I am a computer programmer and web developer a.k.a. code monkey.  “This Is So Texas” isn’t my job, it’s my passion.  (Wow, that sounds cheesy)

The Wake Up

This morning I woke up, but this morning was different.  I had an idea.  Not sure if it was a good idea or bad idea.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.

This morning I had the idea that I should add a gallery to the site with all of the memes and other graphics I have uploaded to social media sites.  You know, it turns out I must have had a lot of time on my hands over the last several months since I created “This Is So Texas” because there were a lot of memes and images.

Ok, well maybe 40-ish doesn’t seem like a lot, but each one can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to make.  This includes finding appropriate images, the right phrasing, running it past your editing crew (friends and family), starting over from scratch, etc.

[I was almost finished writing this post when I realized that I totally went off on a tangent… back to the original story]

Well, once I got on it and after trying one method, which I didn’t like, I ended up downloading a gallery plugin.  I’ve tried a few in the past and wanted to try a different one this time that integrated better with my content management system (CMS).  I decided on Foogallery.  It has lots of positive reviews and is really easy to use.

Here’s a handy diagram on where you can find it or you can just use the link: https://thisissotexas.com/gallery/ 🙂

Go ahead, click me

And that was about an hour of my morning.

Appreciation For Content Creators

Since I began creating them, I have grown to have a huge appreciation for the work that content creators – whether meme makers, bloggers, YouTubers, or what have you – do.  It’s made me evaluate my own social media sharing habits.  Where once I may have just downloaded an image to turn around and uploaded it again, I now make sure to share the image from the originating page.  Now, granted, that page may not have originated it, but I’m just trying to do my part to give credit.

Perfect Or Nothing – And Now!

These are NOT words to live by.  I am, however, guilty of being a bit of a perfectionist.

At some point, though, you just have to let things be before you destroy your creation.  This is what I have been doing with the design for my “Always Be Texan” design.  There always seems to be a little thing out of place or a detail missed.  Usually because I’m in such a rush to get the design published that I forget to go over it that one last time.  And then I see the mistake or stray mark…

Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m also impatient?  Never a good quality for a perfectionist.  Dang, it’s almost contradictory!  Ultimately, it ends up with a lot of edits and a lot more work.

Got One Right

Well, every once in a while the stars align and everything works out right.  So, now I have this baby listed on Amazon:

This Is So Texas Pop Socket - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets This Is So Texas Pop Socket - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

If you’re not familiar with them, these are PopSockets.  They’re the fidget spinner of 2018.  You stick them on the back of your phone or tablet and they help you hold onto it better.  They even do double duty as a stand.

Not All Roses, But There Are Some

Still working out the kinks with CafePress.  But, in the meantime, you can visit the store and purchase from it here: https://www.cafepress.com/thisissotexas.

There are t-shirts for men, women, and kids and coffee mugs of all shapes and sizes.

Take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy!  And get an extra 15% off site-wide at CafePress until March 31, 2019! Use Code: GIFT15

Once I get this thing figured out, I’ll try to add more designs.  Until then, gonna keep on pluggin’ away at it!