Rolling Up My Sleeves

Party-dillo Says “Get To Work”

Now that it’s the new year, no more procrastinating.  It’s time to dig in and get to work!

Makin’ The Merch

Something I’ve been wanting to do is produce my own “This Is So Texas” merchandise.  I’m not a designer and am always short on ideas, but over the past few days the creativity has been flowing!

As you may have seen on Facebook, I started a CafePress store and began creating products.  Well, this was kind of hit and miss and a big learning experience.

There Are Templates For A Reason

Always remember that templates are there as a resource to be used.  This is a piece of advice I should have started with.  The first designs I published may have looked ok-ish, but were not quite right.  There was a lot of guess work and constant editing to resize images.  Lots of wasted time.  The templates took away the guess work and once I figured them and their format out I was able to create images that fit the products the way they should.

Two Steps Forward And A Lot Of Steps Back

After I realized the beauty of templates, I grudgingly deleted the old image submissions and products.  This meant that the links I had already published on Facebook would no longer be valid.  I was a pill I had to swallow, though.

Now, there are properly formatted designs uploaded and waiting to be approved that will be listed and available soon.  You can find the new This Is So Texas merchandise and designs on my CafePress store.

Here is a sample of the first approved design:

More To Come

Look for more designs to be listed soon.  There are t-shirts, various mugs, and other product designs waiting to be approved.

2019 is going to be awesome!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!